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The 3 Phases to Master over 3 Years

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Become a 7-Figure Business Owner
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  • Salesforce CRM Enterprise License (fully customized to each Seller) [$3,500+ Value]

  • AI Call Review and Feedback Conversational Intelligence via Gong [$3,000+ Value]

  • Communications Suite including Zoom, Slack, SMS, Calls ... [$1,000+ Value]

  • Full Sales Training with Top Sales Trainers (contracts updated regularly) [$9,000+ Value]

  • Full Sales Management Training with Top Sales Trainers (contracts updated regularly) [$25,000+ Value]

  • Full Business Coaching with Top Business Coaches (contracts updated regularly) [$80,000+ Value]

  • Access to High Ticket Clients (premium pre-negotiated commissions) [Priceless...]

  • Part of a High Performance Network to push you (Proximity is Power) [Priceless...]

  • Clear Pathway to Business Ownership (Stop trading time for money for the rest of your life) [Priceless...]

  • No Non-Complete Contracts (Free to leave anytime with no clauses) [Utterly Priceless...]

  • First 10 Members get full Ownership Voting rights from Day 1 (Ownership Team) [Utterly Priceless...]

  • Total Value: $121,500

    Launch Price: $12,000

    Early Adopter Special Price: $5,997

Become a 7-Figure Business Owner
Click here to start living

About CF Closers Founder

CF Closers is a 5 year Dream of Keith Harrison, a Professional Seller who had enough selling Tech 12+ hours per day and wanted to build the perfect business model for the Professional Sales Person, one that provides a clear path to 7-Figure passive income and all 6-Figure Closers that want to be part of this Dream are welcome to join the mission as Full Business Partners!

The Key is the Technology... having been a professional seller for almost 2 Decades selling some of the worlds best technologies, a system has been developed like no other including any Fortune 100 Company:

  • AI Completes 95% of the manual data entry (Closers just need to close)
  • AI Reviews every sales call and assigns suggested training (Closers are Forced to improve)
  • Live Dashboards showing... EVERYTHING (Clients see everything all by themselves)

◉ From Dublin, Ireland

◉ Lives Tel Aviv "Startup Nation"

◉ Founded of CoFounder Club, "4k+ Tech Entrepreneurs"

◉ Lover of Fast Cars and Fast Motorbikes

◉ Mindset Matters more than Skill is my mindset

◉ Sales Pro since 2015

◉ 1st Sales Gig Selling Broadband D2D "that was a thing"

◉ 1st TechSales Gig Biz Dev Team WalkMe "Unicorn"  

◉ 1st Freelance Gig ClickedIn "6-Figures every year!!"

◉ Very Trained with Sandler, Salesforce, CoachingSales, Closers.io, Tony Robbins Business Mastery, Don Miller, Keith Cunningham, Todd Hartley, Kane & Alessia Minkus and a whole lot more over the last 5 years...